Meditation for Beginners

Meditation Basics- How to Meditate at Home

Mindfulness Breathing Meditation is one of the most widely researched techniques to reduce the impacts of stress in the modern world.
Learning to activate our natural deep relaxation response through regular meditation practice is a highly effective and proven stress reduction tool.

Meditation is essentially about giving yourself permission to take time out to relax very deeply.
It is this very deep state of alert relaxation that gives your mind and body time and space for your natural repair and rejuvenation processes to take place.
‘Breath watching’ is a very simple and common starting point for many meditation techniques.
To Meditate we sit comfortably on a chair or stool with our back straight and well supported and yet as relaxed as possible.
With our eyes gently closed we bring the focus of our mind onto our breathing.
As a beginner we notice that the more we try to focus on one point like our breath, the mind continues to jump from one thought to another often at very high speed.

We call this ‘mind chatter’ and it is quite normal as a beginner of meditation.
With mindfulness we merely recognize and accept that our mind has moved onto another thought and we gently bring our focus back to our breath as it enters and leaves our nostrils.
We do not do anything except observe our breath and bring our attention back to the breath as it wanders.
Over time and with regular practice our mind will become much stronger in its ability to remain effortlessly focused on one single point and you will begin to notice that your breathing rate will steadily decrease and your mind will also become calmer.
You are now beginning the wonderful process of activating your deep relaxation response where your body and mind can repair themselves.

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